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World Top Class Entertainers and Performers
to Your Events and Shows & Directing and Production

Live Performance
Kenichi Ebina (EBIKEN)
Projector Rental

For your various types of events and shows


・ Ticketed shows (circus show, dance show, variety act show, musical, etc)

・ Corporate events (anniversary party, launch event, awards ceremony, kick-off event, etc)
・ Conference events (international conferences, EXPO, seminar events, etc)
・ Educational events (school art program, school festival, etc)
・ Community events (performing art program, festival, etc)
・ Private events (birthday party, wedding, etc)


Please feel free to contact us for questions and inquiry

what we provide

World-class performers and production 

We cast best performers for your various types of events and shows.

Not performers who we represent as an agent, we can propose various types of performers as casting / booking agent with our broad network of performers and artists throughout the world as well as Japan.   For your needs, we try to do our best to find performers and artists.



We assist your project in artistic direction and production.  Kenichi Ebina, artistic director / producer will give you unique and creative ideas and show / event program.  We will produce best possible shows and events within your budget.

If you're planning to host an event or show in Japan, we can take care of total production work as well.

Rental (only in Japan)

We provide rental service of video projection equipment (Projector, switcher,  screen and other supplies) at reasonable rental fee compared with other rental service companies.

Also upon request, we can operate video production in events and shows.

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Upcoming Schedule


November 29-December 3 UniCircle Flow France, Grenoble, "The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Isère International Circus Festival"

November 29-December 31 UniCircle Flow Switzerland "SALTO" circus 

December 19-30 UniCircle Flow USA, Miami, "POMP, SNOW & CIRQUEumstance" Circus
December 23 AIRFOOTWORKS Ibaraki, B League Ibaraki Robots, Halftime Show
December 24 Kenichi Ebina Hyogo, "EBIKEN the SHOWTIME - I'M A SHOWMAN", Seishin Chuo Hall

January 2 Kenichi Ebina Tokyo, "New Year Special Stage", Shinagawa Prince Hotel, Club ex
January 12 Kenichi Ebina Kagoshima, "EBIKEN the SHOWTIME - I'M A SHOWMAN", Nakatanecho Tanegashima Korina
January 14 Kenichi Ebina Kagoshima, "EBIKEN the SHOWTIME - I'M A SHOWMAN", Soo City Sueyoshi Center
January 20 Kenichi Ebina Kochi, "EBIKEN the SHOWTIME - I'M A SHOWMAN", Shimanto City Cultural Center
January 21 Kenichi Ebina Kochi, "EBIKEN the SHOWTIME - I'M A SHOWMAN", Konan City Ichi Fureai Center

February 17 Kenichi Ebina $ UniCircle Flow Aichi, "Greatest Vegas Show", closed corporate event

February 25 Kenichi Ebina $ UniCircle Flow Aichi, "Greatest Vegas Show", closed corporate event

March 9 Kenichi Ebina $ UniCircle Flow Nagasaki, ARKAS SASEBO"Greatest Vegas Show



Linquest, Inc.

1229-3 Kotta, Tama City, Tokyo, JAPAN

Phone: +81 42 400 6071

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