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Artistic & Stage Direction

Providing various and creative ideas and artistic direction to make your show and event richer and more entertaining.

In addition to entire production of the show or event, also offering consultations on partial production within the show or event, or individual performance act of solo performer and small groups.

Production case example: 

- Performance play  "Captain Tsubasa" (Directed by Kenichi Ebina)

- Michael Jackson song dance theater『The EARTH SONG』(Directed by Kenichi Ebina)

- Variety act show by Japanese got talent acts 『Greatest Vegas Show』(Directed by Kenichi Ebina)


Supporting event and show from planning in concept and structure according to the theme and purpose of event and project.

Produced case: Like the BEST! (Online performance video competition)

LIketheBEST cover photo JPN.jpg
Video / Projection (available only in Japan)

Providing video projection and operation in your show and event.

Production (available only in Japan)

Providing total coodination of production and management of event and show.

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