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Booking Artists

In addition to our performers, we also have a wide range of networks in Japan and overseas.

If you have specific type of performer you desire to find for your event or show, we will find and propose.   Or if you don't have specific idea of entertainment program in your event, we will propose by hearing you about purpose, theme,  venue, stage conditions, etc. and make a proposal.

Please feel free to contact us first.

Our Performing Artists

UniCircle Flow Logo web.png

​​UniCircle Flow

Unicycle dance group

Beautiful unicycle dance style, likened to "land figure skating", has history of more than 40 years in Japan and has been highly regarded in the world for its unique and fascinating style.

Its elegant and spectacular performance with speed, dynamics, and synchronization will captivate your audience and guests.

Depending on budget, scale and stage condition of your event / show, UniCircle Flow offers from solo or pair to large group performance.

AirFootWorks LOGO Black.png



(Takashi Jonishi)

Air (Bar) Dance

One and Only "Air Dance" performing group in the world created by Takashi Jonishi.

"Anti-Gravity"  "Floating"  "Waking in the air"

The original and unique style of gymnastic-like pole dance combined with Poppin' and Robot dance creates unbelievable performance. 

Takashi Jonishi's beyond-human strength and body control as well as their precise and sophisticated choreography to music will take you to the world of space.

AirFootWorks provides solo to group performance depending on budget, stage condition and availability.

Masked Showman logo.png


Multi-genre variety act

Variety act performance group creates a unique atmosphere with characters covered in mysterious spiky masks. The group consists of world top-level performers from a variety of genres provides shows captivates with impactful shows.

For full-length show, they perform dynamically in various genres, and for events such as corporate events, we can cast any kind of act as a member of MASKED SHOWMAN according to the client's requests with wide range of direction.


[Acts by original members]・Projection・LED lights・Finger & hand tat・Break dance・Hand to hand・Juggling・Acrobatics・BMX・Freestyle basketball, etc.

(Independent Site)

Kenichi Ebina


Kenichi Ebina

Dance-ish performer, director, producer

Based on various styles of dance, Kenichi's unique style of performance which incorporates magic, pantomime, video projection, illusion effects of sound and light entertains all ages.

Major Achievements

- 2013 : “America’s Got Talent : season 8 ” All-kind talent audition TV show in USA << Winner among 75,000 contestants / First Asian, First dancer and First foreign act winner >>

- 2007 : “Showtime at the Apollo” TV show version of “Amateur Night” at the Apollo Theater << Grand Champion of dance contest after winning 7 times >>

- 2001 : “Amateur Night” at the World-Famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York << Winner of Super Top Dog / Grand Champion as the first Japanese contestant >>

- First Japanese speaker at the TED Talks Conference in 2007

- First audition video of "America's Got Talent" on YouTube has more than 100 million views,  and total views of EBIKEN are more than 250 million times (as of 2020)


(independent site)

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