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​​UniCircle Flow

Unicycle dance group


Beautiful unicycle dance style, likened to "land figure skating", has history of more than 40 years in Japan and has been highly regarded in the world for its unique and fascinating style.  Its elegant and spectacular performance with speed, dynamics, and synchronization will captivate your audience and guests.

In order to spread recognition of unicycle dance performance to the world and for performers to be able to make it for living, Kenichi Ebina founded UniCircle Flow and gathered top-level unicycle performers in Japan, who are champions and finalists in national competitions in Japan and international competitions.

Some of members have performed around the world such as Cirque du Soleil.

Currently UniCircle Flow has been participating in America's Go Talent season 16.

​Kazuhiro Shimoyama, a former world champion and deputy secretary general of the Japan Unicycle Association, who is leading the Japanese unicycle performance at the forefront, participates as a coach and choreographer.

Depending on budget, scale and stage condition of your event / show, UniCircle Flow offers from solo or pair to large group performance.

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