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December 28 Kenichi Ebina performs in Kitakyushu


Last year, under the first state of emergency of COVID, Kenichi Ebina producerd the all-genre performance video contest "Like the BEST!", and its winner, art performer Collorhythm Risa will produce a show by Kitakyushu

"EBIKEN and Special Performer The Show Time in Kitakyushu"

December 28 (Tuesday) 6pm start (5pm open)
Moji Civic Center 3-2 Oimatsucho, Moji-ku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka 
Ticket S seat \5500 / A seat \4500 / B seat \3500

*On the day purchase +\500
Ticket pre-sale / inquiry 092-738-2677 (Contact: Ryu)


December 23 Kenichi Ebina will perform in Osaka

flyer_f_ol s.jpg
flyer_b_ol s.jpg

Kenichi will perform in "The EARTH SONG", a tribute to Michael Jackson’s legacy, LOVE to the earth.

Michael Jackson's Legacy
[Date and time] December 23 (Thursday) 1pm / 6pm

[Ticket] General: Adults ¥6500 / Children ¥ 3500 (junior high school students over 3 years old) * Free above knees under 3 years old
Seat A: ¥ 8800
  Charity S seat: ¥ 15000


UniCircle Flow is performing in a circus show in France

UniCircle Flow has been performing in "GAIA" by the famous French circus company "Cirque Phenix"!

It is a splendid circus show with various acts by female performers only.


Paris performance November 20th, 2021 - January 16th, 2022

France Tour January 21st - February 20th

If you are in France, please go and see the show!

phenix_gaia_40x60min1_1634802078 s.jpg


October 22   Takashi Jonishi's first full length show

チラシ 2021 1030 EBIKEN_松前町様_01.jpg
チラシ 2021 1031 EBIKEN_四国中央市様_01.jpg

Takashi Jonishi (AIRFOOTWORKS) will give his first full length show!

Date: October 22nd (Friday)  13: 30- / 18: 30-

Venue: Eastern Friend Hall (1 minute walk from Mizue Station on the Toei Shinjuku Line)

Price: 4800 JPY Ticket: Pia / Eplus Search → "CUBISM"

Don't miss the collaboration performances with various artists, too!

Takashi Jonishi (Airfootworks), Takashi Shigetake (Visual artist), Hiroaki Sugaya, Ryuta Tomita (Tomizo), Nao Uochi


October 22   Takashi Jonishi's first full length show

2021 1022 上西隆史フル公演フライヤー.jpg

Takashi Jonishi (AIRFOOTWORKS) will give his first full length show!

Date: October 22nd (Friday)  13: 30- / 18: 30-

Venue: Eastern Friend Hall (1 minute walk from Mizue Station on the Toei Shinjuku Line)

Price: 4800 JPY Ticket: Pia / Eplus Search → "CUBISM"

Don't miss the collaboration performances with various artists, too!

Takashi Jonishi (Airfootworks), Takashi Shigetake (Visual artist), Hiroaki Sugaya, Ryuta Tomita (Tomizo), Nao Uochi


September 21  AIRFOOTWORKS participated in "Global Star" 


On September 21st (Tuesday), AIRFOOTWORKS performed on the audition TV show, "Global Star" on Nippon TV network.

Various kinds of performing artists participated, and 5 TV show / event producers from different countries judge them and give them qualification for the future booking.   


AIRFOOTWORKS received qualifications from 4 out of 5 countries!


September 8  UniCircle Flow finished "America's Got Talent" as Semifinalist


UniCircle Flow has finished its journey of America's Got Talent as one of 21 semi-finalists out of a total of 21,000 entries!

Performance video of each round:

Judge audition

Quarter Final

Semi Final

Thank you so much for your support!

2021.8. 5

August 25   UniCircle Flow, advancing to semi-finals on "America's Got Talent" 


On August 24 (Tuesday), UniCircle Flow performed on the quarter finals of "America's Got Talent" season 16!!
On the result day, we were saved by judges' vote and advanced to the semi finals!

Our semi final is on September 7th!  We will bring a totally different performance with new trick moves! 

Hope you enjoy and support us!

2021.8. 5

August 11 Talk sesson at "Kirirom Global Forum"


Kenichi will appear on the Kirirom Global Forum on August 11th.

From the perspective of global business, people from various fields will give seminars and talk sessions.

Kenichi will join in the talk session about " How to make Japanese entertainment a global business " with a rakugo storyteller Katsura Sunshine.

2021.6. 9

June 13   UniCircle Flow will appear on "Global Star" Japanese TV show


on June 13th (Sun), 12:45 to 14:30 UniCircle Flow will appear on the Japanese TV show "Global Star" on Nippon TV network and TVer (web video)!

Various kind of performing artists are performing and many producers in foreign countries will watch.  If producers like any acts in the show, they might book us for shows and events that they produce.

2021.6. 8

June 8   UniCircle Flow appeared on "America's Got Talent"


On June 8th (Tuesday), UniCircle Flow participated in "America's Got Talent" season 16!!
We received "YES" from all four judges and qualified to advance to the live show rounds in August which judgement will be determined by viewers' votes.

In following "Judge Deliberation" (Judge Cuts) episode, the judges will choose acts who advance to the live show rounds.  We will do our best again if we advance!

2021.5. 2

May 3  Takashi Jonishi appears on TBS "Asa Chan!"

Takashi Jonishi Moon Human Flag.jpg

On May 3rd (Monday), Takashi Jonishi will appear on a morning information TV show "Asachan!" on TBS in Japan and he will perform two performances.

The Children's Day in Japan is on May 5th and it's a traditional culture to display fish looking balloon-type flag, so Takashi will show off human-flag in one of performances!

2021.4. 17

April 15   Kenichi Ebina appeared in TV show "Monitoring" on TBS

2021 モニタリング告知 01.jpg

On April 15th (Thursday), Kenichi Ebina's appearance in "Human Observation Variety Monitoring" on TBS was broadcasted!

The last time I appeared, Kenichi did a solo performance dressed as a izakaya wait staff as of surprise-project, but this time he performed collaboration performance with NAOTO from the 3rd generation J Soul Brothers and EXILE :) 


2021.4. 11

April 12   Takashi Jonishi will appear live on Fuji TV's "Nonstop!"


On April 12th (Monday), Takashi Jonishi will appear on Fuji TV's morning information TV show, "Nonstop!" followed after Kenichi Ebina.

Enjoy the anti-gravity air dance performance with incredible physical strength and ability!

Air time: 9: 50AM ~

2021.3. 29

March 29  Kenichi Ebina appeared on Fuji TV's "Nonstop!"

2021 0329 ノンストップ公式Twitter用.jpg

On March 29th (Monday), Japanese TV station, Fuji TV's morning information TV show "Nonstop!" will start its 10th year.   As the opening of the new season, Kenichi will perform and talk in a segment called "BUZZ LIVE" which introduces performers and artists who went viral. 

2021.3. 21

March 27 & 28  ALVARK Tokyo Halftime show

The Rose screen shot.jpg

"UniCircle Flow" (Unicycle dance group) and Takashi Jonishi (Air dance) will perform in the halftime show of Alvark Tokyo in Tachikawa, Tokyo!!
March 27th   UniCircle Flow
It's like "figure skating on land", beautiful and elegant unicycle dance performance.
Performer: Natsume Yamamoto, Tamaki Yamamoto, Akiho Nagashima, Nao Takiguchi, Ryoka Yoshimatsu
March 28th   Takashi Jonishi (AIRFOOTWORKS)
The one and only style in the world.  Anti-gravity dance with pole cube with beyond human ability.

2021.2. 26

Kenichi will have full length show in Gunma on March 6th


On, March 6th, Kenichi Ebina's full length show "EBIKEN the Showtime" will take place at the Ota Civic Hall in Gunma, Japan!

Also! UniCircle Flow (trio) and Johnny from AirFootWorks will perform as guest, too!
If you're in Gunma or nearby, please come see us!


If you're not good in Japanese and hard to purchase ticket, please send us a message from the contact.  We can help.

2021.1. 12

UniCircle Flow members appear on Japanese TV show

世界の果てまでイッテQ ブルーリボン.jpg

On January 17th, members of UniCircle Flow will appear on one of most popular TV show in Japan, "Sekai no Hatemade Itte Q!" on Nippon TV network!

Members teach unicycle dance performance to female comedians lol

Let's see how it comes out after lessons of a week!

2021.1. 1

Air pole dance, AirFootWorks has joined us!


The one and only style, air pole dance performer has joined as our artist!  
Their unbelievable strength and body control creates illusion of floating in air. 

Gravity-defying pole movements and precise dance choreography will surprise you and entertain you like never before!  

2020.11. 11

UniCircle Flow launched!

UniCirlcle Flow Thumbnail 01.jpg

We're producing "UniCircle Flow", Japan's first professional unicycle dance group composed of world-class unicycle performers!

The elegant and fascinating performance "figure skating on land" is must-see!

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in booking them in various events and shows!

2020.8. 1

Like the BEST! 

LIketheBEST cover photo JPN.jpg

CEO, Kenichi Ebina has produced any-kind performance video competition for the purpose of continuing entertainment and art activities and contributing to society in COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Starting onMay 9th, many participants of various genres have made the competition exciting, and on August 1st, the winner was crowned to paint performer, Colorhythm Risa and won a winning prize of 1 million Japanese yen!

You can watch it in the archive, so please have a look!

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