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Appearance History in 2022 

December 31 to January 2, 2023 UniCircle Flow United Arab Emirates, Dubai Shopping Mall Festival

December 16 Takashi Jonishi Osaka, Repezen FOXX related event video shooting for PeeekTV

December 16-18 UniCircle Flow Hong Kong, Tai Kwun Christmas Circus Festival

December 5 Kenichi Ebina Tokyo Grand Hyatt, "Global Gift Gala in Tokyo 2022"

November 29 - December 18 UniCircle Flow Paris, France  “GAIA” by Ci,rque Phenix

November 29 Kenichi Ebina Tokyo Prince Park Tower Corporate event

November 10 AIRFOOTWORKS YouTube, "Punishing Grayraven Live"

November 5 Takashi JonishiTokyo, Kanze Noh Theater "ZIPANG"

November 4 Takashi Jonishi TBS, TV show "Love It!"

October 30 Kenichi Ebina Nippon TV, "INI no Oshigotodesu!"

October 29-30 Kenichi Ebina (directer and performer), UniCircle Flow Aichi, Wink Aichi Hall, "Greatest Vegas Show" produced by Chukyo TV

October 27 Kenichi Ebina Tokyo, Palace Hotel, Corporate Event

October 22  Kenichi Ebina Okinawa, T Galleria by DFS "Autumn Fair"

October 2 Kenichi EbinaUniCircle Flow Mie, Kumano Civic Hall/Hall, "EBIKEN The SHOWTIME"

October 1 Kenichi Ebina, UniCircle Flow Mie, Hokusei Civic Center/Sakura Hall "EBIKEN The SHOWTIME"

September 24 UniCircle Flow Italy, Canale 5 station, TV show "Tu Si Que Vales"

September 20 Kenichi Ebina Nagoya, Strings Hotel, corporate event

September 17-18 Kenichi Ebina (directer and performer), UniCircle Flow Aichi Arts Theater "Greatest Vegas Show" produced by Chukyo TV

September 11 Kenichi Ebina, UniCircle Flow Saga, Ureshino City, Social and Cultural Center Liberty Cultural Hall "EBIKEN The SHOWTIME"

September 10 Kenichi Ebina, UniCircle Flow Saga Kiyama Townspeople Hall, "EBIKEN The SHOWTIME"

July 31 Kenichi Ebina Nagasaki, Togitsu Canary Hall "EBIKEN The SHOWTIME" 

July 28 Kenichi Ebina(producer, director and performer), UniCircle Flow Kyoto, ROHM Theater, South Hall "The EARTH SONG"

July 13 Kenichi Ebina, Takashi Jonishi, UniCircle Flow Kochi Prefectural Cultural Hall "EBIKEN The SHOWTIME"

July 2 Takashi JonishiFuji Television "Super Human Street-20 performances in a row"

July 1 Takashi Jonishi Yomiuri Television, “Osaka Honwaka TV ~Welcome genius !~”

July 2nd   "Super Human Street" 

​On July 2nd, Fuji Television in Japan broadcasted "Super-skilled Street" on the Togoshi Ginza Shopping Street, where various super skilled performers and artists appeared and gave surprising performances.

​AIRFOOTWORKS dressed up as construction workers and performed "construction" look-like performance!

May 8th   "Japan Youth Dance Festival 2022"

Kenichi Ebina particiapted in "Japan Youth DAnce Festival 2022" in Kyoto on May 8th.

I witnessed many youth's passinate dance performances :)


April 23   ”Freestyle Space” 

A street-style performance crew battle "Freestyle Space" was held at the Sunshine City in Ikebukuro on April 23, 2022.

Takashi Jonishi participated as a contestant and Kenichi Ebina participated as a judge.


It was awesome battle by world class performers of various kinds of performance!

Freestyle Space 01.jpg

February 23th  AIR FOOTWORKS perform at World OMOSIROI Award

AIRFOOTWORKS will appear in the World OMOSIROI Award 8th!

Event title: World OMOSIROI Award 8th.
Date: February 23, 2022 (Wednesday)
Holding time: 14: 00-17: 00
Venue: Grand Front Osaka North Building Knowledge Capital 4F Knowledge Theater

Online viewing: Live on YouTube

Live Organizer: Knowledge Capital.

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