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Takashi Jonishi  “Donten Gaeshi” by Umebou 

umebou16th_karichirashi_new s.jpg

Takashi Jonishi is performing as a cast in "Donten Gaeshi" by Umebou

<Tokyo> Schedule: March 10 (Fri)-March 12 (Sun), 2023

Venue: Nakano ZERO Large Hall

Date: March 16th (Thursday) to March 22nd (Wednesday), 2023

Venue: New National Theater Middle Theater

<Osaka> Schedule: March 31 (Fri)-April 2 (Sun), 2023

Venue: Morinomiya Piloti Hall

<Aichi> Schedule: April 8 (Sat)-April 9 (Sun), 2023

Venue: Japan Special Ceramic Industry Civic Center Village Hall


AIRFOOTWORKS, UniCircle Flow on Japan's Got Talent

JGT AIRFOOTWORKS semi final.jpg
JGT UniCircle Flow semi final 2.jpg
JGT UniCircle Flow semi final 1.jpg

The world-famous audition TV show, "Got Talent" has finally launched in Japan, "Japan's Got Talent" (JGT) on ABEMA TV with produced by Yoshimoto Kogyo!

From LinQuest, AIRFOOTWORKS and UniCircle Flow have participated in JGT.  UniCircle Flow advanced to Semi-Final (judge audition), and AIRFOOTWORKS advanced to the FINAL (the live show by viewers' voting)!

Click here to WATCH

February 22nd & 23rd  Kenichi Ebina's on-man show

I’M A SHOWMAN flyer A4_1.jpg
I’M A SHOWMAN flyer A4_2.jpg
I'M A SHOWMAN観客と記念写真.jpg
I'M A SHOWMANロビー.jpg

For the first time as LinQuest, we produced Kenichi Ebina's one-man show.


Venue: I'M A SHOW Theater in Yurakucho, Tokyo

February 22 (Wednesday) 19:00, February 23 (Thursday holiday) 13:00 + 17:00, a total of 3 shows

Thanks to all of you, we were able to finish with a great success with packed audience in all shows.

​Thank you very much to everyone who helped the show and the audience.

February 17  Kenichi Ebina, TBS "Love It!"

2023 0217 ラヴィット 01.jpg

On February 17th, I appeared on TBS's morning live variety TV show, "Love It!".

I also had an opportunity to advertise my one-man show on February 22nd & 23rd.

February 4-5  Kenichi Ebina, TrueAct 2023

2023 0204 TrueAct flyer 01.jpg
TrueAct 2023.jpeg

Kenichi Ebina performed in the variety act show "TrueAct 2023", which is mainly featuring juggling and magic acts, produced by performer Ouka on February 4th and 5th.

January 20 & February 3  Takashi Jonishi & Kenichi Ebina, Romania Got Talent


Kenichi Ebina and Takashi Jonishi participated in Romania's Got Talent, "Romanii Au Talent" as solo acts.

Broadcast on January 20 Takashi Uenishi

​Broadcast on February 3 Kenichi Ebina

January 27  Kenichi Ebina,  Ikushimaru Expo 2023


Kenichi Ebina appeared as a guest performer at "Ikushimaru Expo 2023" produced by YouTuber Koyacky held at ZEPP Yokohama on January 27th.

January 13-18  UniCircle Flow, India AUTO EXPO, TOYOTA booth

スクリーンショット (29).jpg

UniCircle Flow participated in the AUTO EXPO in India.

UniCircle Flow performed for TOYOTA booth 4 times a day for 6 days.

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